*BATABASTA X A GOOD COMPANY*  Towards a better world!

*BATABASTA X A GOOD COMPANY* Towards a better world!

*BATABASTA X A GOOD COMPANY*  Towards a better world!

One World, One Love.

 We have teamed up with our Swedish friends from A Good Company to design a climate-positive mobile case and posters collection with some of our prints.

 4% of the net price of each sale will be donated to causes that promote sustainability and tackle issues such as climate change.

 Made in Sweden from plants waste materials ( hemp and flax) that are no GMO and 100% biodegradable, these phone cases will protect your phone in order to last as long as possible!

 Sustainability should be at the core of our daily life and hopefully we will be able to reduce our footprint by doing our part. Although sometimes the task seems unreachable there are always simple gestures we can incorporate to our routine and contribute :)

 That is why we wanted to ask the team at A Good Company to share their tips for a more environment friendly lifestyle joining their upcoming green November campaign:

 Can you share with us some easy tips to be more sustainable in our daily life?

 1. Switch to paperless bills - So easy it can be done from your couch. A few clicks will stop paper billing and save on the resources and energy used to produce and deliver them

2. Allow food to cool before putting it in the fridge - If you put food in the fridge whilst it's still warm, it requires extra energy from the fridge to cool it down. It’s recommended to partition food into small containers so they cool right through before placing them in the fridge.

3. Eat less meat - From a personal carbon footprint perspective, alongside transportation, diet is one of the biggest contributing factors. Eating less meat is a simple and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. Going fully vegan will reduce your carbon emissions by close to a tonne per year, but even reducing meat consumption to one or two portions a week will make a big difference. Great and delicious sources of low-carbon protein are nuts and peas.

 4.Take a reusable bag shopping - It takes a lot of carbon to produce and transport all the plastic carrier bags we use, and they also hang around in the environment for way too long. Investing in a reusable bag, or reusing carrier bags you already have, is a small, easy change that adds up to make a big difference.

 5.Consume less and buy sustainable – Try to buy second-hand clothes when you can, the fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions. So, avoid fast fashion and don’t get lured in by trends and try only buy clothes when you really need them! As it’s estimated that they only wear 50% of them, this means carbon emissions are literally hanging wasted in the closet.

What sustainability related Projects that have caught your attention recently?

 We were very excited about Coldplay’s announcement of the Music of Spheres Tour and their approach to making it as sustainable as possible. It was a real step forward for the entertainment industry and showed innovative ideas on how to make events more environmentally friendly. We loved the idea of using a kinetic floor in the stadium, so when the fans dance it creates energy! 

 We don’t want to mention Covid as we feel everyone has heard enough about it over the past 2 years! But an initiative by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia really caught our eye. They have started research to convert the many spare disposable masks which are all over the world into roads. They have claimed that you can build one kilometre of a two-line road with 3 million masks, this would prevent 93 tonnes of waste going to landfill. 

What Websites/magazines should we follow to be informed about sustainability/ circular economy news.

 Grow Ensemble - https://growensemble.com/ - A platform to a community, information, and inspiration to those wishing to make an impact. 

 Ecothes – https://ecothes.com - Highlights the world's best sustainable fashion brands, creates product guides, and brand recommendations!

 Download the SDG app - https://sdgsinaction.com - With this United Nations app you will always have the most up-to-date information on the Sustainable Development Goals. Check the SDGs whenever you want, discover how you can contribute to their fulfilment and design your own initiatives. Also, you can receive personalized notifications about the Sustainable Development Goals that interest you the most.

 The refresh project - https://www.therefreshproject.com.au/about/ - Highlights simple changes to make in your daily life to kickstart your journey to become “super Healthy, with a sparkling Healthy Home in a clean Healthy World.They also have an app so you are able to get these tips on your phone!

To know more: https://agood.com/blogs/a-good-foundation/why-is-it-important

 Thank you!